Stores Section

eMail ID: secd-stsn-cda[at]nic[dot]in

The main function of Stores Section are:

  • Payment for Supplies and Services rendered by the Contractors
  • Payment on account of procurement of
    • Local purchase of ASC Articles
    • Rice and Wheat from FCI
    • Local purchase of Central Purchase Articles
    • Ordnance Stores
    • MT Stores
    • Medical Stores
  • Payment on account of Services of
    • Repair of Vehicles charges
    • Wheat Grinding charges
    • AMC of Computers etc.
    • Hiring of Civil Transport bills
  • Payment on account of
    • Payment of Ration Allowance claims of Officers
Contact Details of Officers in Stores Section:
Sl.No Name of Officer(S/Shri) Designation Group EPBX Extn
1 Nikhil Dubey, IDAS ACDA Group Officer 261
2 T Balakrishna SAO Misc Sn, Stores & GeM 209
3 V Lalitha AAO Stores 338
4 G B Mahesh Babu AAO Stores 338