Circular No Date Subject
Various Allows 20/12/2018 Report on Pay & Allowances for the QE 12/2018
DoP&T/7cpc 19/12/2018 Circulation of OM issued by DoP&T/MoF(DOE) regarding 7th CPC Allowances
GPF Corr 11/12/2018 Information required consideration Decentralisation of GPF Maintenance System
Addl Post 03/12/2018 Grant of Additional Post Allowance
Cadre Review 03/12/2018 First Cadre Review of barrach and Store Cadre
Circulation 20/11/2018 Circulation of OM issued by Do P&T
Stoppage 19/11/2018 Stoppage of Fixed Allowance(FMA)
Revision 06/11/2018  Revision of Pension wef 1.1.2016
Pay_Details 04/10/2018 Details regarding payment of P&A in r/o def. civ.
IncomeTax 04/10/2018 Recovery of Income Tax for the financial year 2018-19
QE_092018 03/09/2018 Report of Pay & Allowances for the QE 09/2018
GPF Claims 16/08/2018 Final Settlement of GPF Claims
GPF Data Sheet 10/08/2018 GPF Data Sheet for GPF Subscribers
Reconciliation 01/08/2018 Reconciliation of total no of cases revised pension
Pay Fixation 28/06/2018 Audit of Pay Fixation on 7CPC
LTC Facilities 27/06/2018 Ciculation of Orders on LTC Facilities to civ employee
Overtime Allow 25/05/2018 Entitlement of Overtime Allowance non-industrial employees working under Defence Industrial Establishment
Dress Allow 01/05/2018 Clarification on dress allow in r/o Industrial Emp
PCA 21/03/2018 Entitlement of Patient Care Allowance to Group C & D
Report P&A 01/03/2018 Report on Pay & Allow for QE 03/2018
7th CPC_RevPen 19/02/2018 7th CPC Revision of Pension of pre-2016
Pre2016_PenRev 06/02/2018 Restoration of full Pension of absorbee pensioner
CGEGIS-1980 02/01/2018 Annual Report
Clarification 22/12/2017 pre-2016 clarification 
Report on PA 06/12/2017 Report on P&A for the QE 12/2017
Dress Allow 04/12/2017 7th CPC Dress Allowance
Civilian_Pension 23/11/2017 7th CPC Civilian Pension
Famili_pension 23/11/2017 7th CPC Family Pension
CEA 23/11/2017 7th CPC CEA for disabled
NON_DAD_CP_FP 17/10/2017 7th CPC for Non DAD Civilian Pension / Family Pension
P&A QE 092017 05/10/2017 Report of Pay & Allowances for the QE 09/2017
PPA_IP 25/09/2017 Payment of Pay & Allowances of Industrial Personnel
CMs_Issued 20/09/2017 CMs Issued - 7th CPC
Medical 20/09/2017 Medical Fecilities CS(MS) Rules
RIT_201718 09/09/2017 Recovery of IT FY 2017-18
OMS 24/08/2017 Circulation of OMs Issued
7thCPC 170/07/2017 Implementation of Govt's decision
Superannuation 21/06/2017 Submission of Superannuation List - reg
Merger 15/06/2017 Merger and Re-Designation of various common category of posts as per 6th CPC
Pension 15/06/2017 Implementation of Centralised Pension
7thCPC 13/06/2017 Revision of P&A and Pension/Gratuity
Report 02/06/2017 Report on Pay & Allowances for the QE 06/2017
CCS Rules 15/05/2017 Clarification regarding exercise of option under rule 5
GPF 19/04/2017 Amendment to the provision of GPF(Central Service)
P&A 24/03/2017 Report in Pay & Allowances for the QE 03/2017
CGHS Subs 24/03/2017 Revision of Rates of Subscription under Central Government Health Scheme
CasualLabour 13/02/2017 NPS/GPF and Pension benefits to Casual Labourers with temporary status regularised after 1/1/2004
CGEIS-1980 02/02/2017 Annual Report on CGEIS-1980 for the year 2017
AdvSalary 25/11/2016 Cash Withdrawal of Salary advance
PensionReport 01/11/2016 Non Payment of Pensionery Benefits and Other dues
RPE092016 23/09/2016 Report on Pay & Allowances for the QE 09/2016
7th CPC 24/08/2016 Govt Notification of 7th CPC Recommendations - Report
Implementation 09/08/2016 Implementation of 7th CPC recommendations
7thCPC 09/08/2016 Implementation of 7th CPC recommendations
Benefits 29/07/2016 Submission RE 2016-17 & BE 2017-18 Grant 22 & 30 MH 2071 Pension and Other Retirement Benefits
Interest 22/06/2016 Rate of Interest of GPF and other similar funds for the year 2016-17
PayFixation 16/06/2016 Pay Fixation of IIndustrial Employees
Superannuation 20/06/2016 Submission of Superannuation Lists
Pay_Allow 20/06/2016 Report on Pay & Allowances for the QE 06/2016
Rep_PA 21/03/2016 Report on Pay & Allowances QE 30/2016
MACP 08/03/2016 Strength of Defence Civilians as on 01.01.2016
Report 07/01/2016 Report on Pay & Allowances for the QE 12/2015
CGEIS 05/01/2016 Annual Report on CGEIS - 1980 for the year 2016
Superannunation 29/12/2015 Submission of Superannunation Lists
PE_SR_SS 29/12/2015 Submission of PEs/Strength Returns/Specimen Signatures
Pre_Revised_Pay 16/12/2015 Promotion taking place in the Pre-Revised Pay 01/01/2006
Digital Life 16/12/2015 Implementation of Digital Life Certificate Programme
Format 30/11/2015 RPB Change Statement Format
Change Statement 30/11/2015 Soft Copy format for Civilian Pay Bill Processing(RPB Change Statement)
Income Tax 27/10/2015 Recovery of Income Tax for the financial year 2015-16
NEFT_LIC 15/10/2015 Submission of NEFT -details of LIC Policies
DigitalLife 20/10/2015 Implementation of Digital Life Certificate Programme
P&A 09/2015 07/10/2015 Report on Pay & Allowances for the QE 09/2015
UIDAI 05/10/2015 Implimentation of Digital Life Certificate Programme
Pension 05/10/2015 Simplefication of pension payment procedure
Artisan 24/09/2015 Grant of ACP/MACP benefits to the Tradesmen Mate
Pension 23/09/2015 Revision of Pension of Pre-2006 pensioners
MACP 27/08/2015 MACP Entitlements of Pharmacist
Nodal 27/08/2015 Circulation of Various Goverment Orders issued by the Nodal Ministries
FMA 26/08/2015 Stoppage of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA)
Package 04/08/2015 Salary Package to the Def. Ind. / Non Ind
PayFix 04/08/2015 Fixation of pay of re-employed ex-servicemen
NDA 28/07/2015 Night Duty Allowance(NDA) at revised rates
Artisan 16/07/2015 Re-Structuring the Cadre of Artisan Staff in Defence Establishments
CGHS/FMA 14/07/2015 Grant of FMA to the Central Govt. Pensioners residing in areas not coverd under CGHS
PayTech/4015/Cir/V AR 07/07/2015 Report on Pay & Allowances for the QE 06/2015
Superannuation 07/07/2015 Submission of Seperannuation list & Pension Papers
ACP/MACP 22/06/2015 Grant of ACP/MACP benefits to the Tradesman Mate
Transport Allowance 11/06/2015 Payment of transport Allowance to Central Government Employees
MACP Tradesman 12/05/2015 Grant of ACP/MACP benefits to the Tradesman Mate
CGEIS 12/01/2015 Annual Report on CGEIS 1980 for the year 2015
Superannuation 07/01/2015 Submission of Superannuation lists
4024/Misc 27/11/2014 Creation of Database of all the Defence Civilians
CEA 26/11/2014 Re-Imbursement of CEA - Defence Personnel
4024/Misc 19/11/2014 Re Organisation ofPay Groups
4024/Circular 20/10/2014 Important Circular
Income Tax 17/10/2014 Recovery of Income Tax fr the FY 2014-15

Part I Orders

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Pt I O No. Date Subject
Pt I o No 7 05/08/2016 Rate of Interest on GPF and Other similar funds for the year 2016-17
Pt I o No 10 29/05/2015 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1980 - Table benefits for the savings fund for the period from 01.01.2015 to 21.12.2015
Pt I o No 33 30/10/2014 Clarification on Increase in certain allowances by 25% as a result of enhancement of DA
Pt I o No 34 30/10/2014 Correction to remove difficulties in Form GAR-2
Pt I o No 39 26/11/2014 Productivity Linked Bonus for the civilians of the AOC for the year 2013-14
Pt I o No 40 26/11/2014 Payment of DA - Revised Rules from 01.07.2014