Pay Groups

eMail ID: secd-paysn-cda[at]nic[dot]in

Pay Sections deals with payments an audit of all claims to pay and allowances, and other service benefits, payment and recovery of leave salary and pension contributions of Civilian Gazetted and non Gazetted officers (other than who are serving in field service areas) paid from Defence Services estimates.

Contact Details of Officers in Pay Groups:
Sl.No Name of Officer(S/Shri) Designation Group EPBX Extn
1 K Sangeeta, IDAS DCDA Group Officer 105
2 Ch Sudhakar AO   213
3 G Rajitha AAO PAY-I 234
4 Pushpa Singh AAO PAY-II 416
5 M Prashantha Kumar AAO PAY-III 415
6     Pay-Tech 410