Miscellaneous Section

eMail ID: secd-miscsn-cda[at]nic[dot]in

Main functions of Miscellaneous Section are:

  • To arrange prompt payment of miscellanious expenditure Bills for upkeep & training of Army
  • Audit of Sanctions, Bills and Vouchers
  • Recurring and Non-recurring charges such as hot whether estt.
  • Imprest Advances - Payment, compilation,demand intimation and acknowledgement
  • Release of grants and post audit of grants accounts
  • Pursuit of post audit objections and maintenance of APR
  • Scheduling of Vouchers
  • ECHS refund bills on account of excess remittances by pensioners
  • ECHS release of cash assignment to SHQ cell secunderabad and belgaum
  • Advances to foreign trainees
  • Adjustment of camp expenditure pertaining to NCC
  • Conservancy charges to Cantonment Board
Contact Details of Officers in Miscellaneous Section:
Sl.No Name of Officer(S/Shri) Designation Group EPBX Extn
1 Nikhil Dubey, IDAS ACDA Group Officer 261
2 T Balakrishna SAO Misc Sn, Stores & GeM 209
3 Malathi Dayan AAO Misc Sn 325