FAQs/Check List - Transport

TA/DA Claims

  1. Claim has to be preferred on from No. IAFA 1716 and all columns completed in all respects including the exact place of residence or the place from where journey commenced.
  2. Claim signed by the claimant and affixing Revenue Stamp where the amount of the claim is Rs 5000/- or more.
  3. Station name and Date of submission should be filled invariably.
  4. Appropriate Certificates printed on the back of the bill are completed and signed by the claimant and counter signed by the officer.
  5. Movement order, Move sanction from competent authority and Detention Certificate are to be enclosed and move covered by rules.
  6. TA/DA claims should be submitted within 15 days from the date of completion of journey if the advance is drawn & if not within 60 days and 60 days for pt.TA/DA. The claim submitted after due date stands forfeited and full amount will be recovered along with Penal Interest.
  7. Time bar sanction from the competent authority if the claim could not be submitted within admissible time period.
  8. The claim is submitted in original and was not preferred earlier.
  9. Advance drawn was mentioned correctly at appropriate place.
  10. TA claimed from HQrs to duty point and vice versa.(Residence to AirPort/Railway Station TD AP/RS to TD Point vice versa.)
  11. Journey Daily allowance claimed from Railway station to Railway station or from Airport to Airport in cases where DA claimed as per 7th CPC.
  12. Air journey entitlement checked w.r.t. Pay Level and original tickets & Boarding Passes are attached. In the case of entitled category for Air Travel air Tickets are to be purchased directly from Airlines(at Booking counters / respective Websites of airlines) or by utilizing the services of Authorized Travel Agents viz M/s Balmer Lawrie and Company, M/s Ashok Travels & Tours. In the event of air journey being performed by Private Airlines on Tour/LTC, by seeking deviations from Ministry of Civil Aviation, the bookings of tickets is also required to be done invariably through the authorized travel agents only.
  13. Journeys on Temporary duty and permanent transfer must be performed by authorized mode of transport only.
  14. IFA sanction for air journeys performed by Airlines other than Air India in sectors where Air India is operated.
  15. Travel by Rail should be as per entitlement. Train Number, Class of Journey, Ticket Numbers & PNR Numbers to be quoted in the remarks Column.
  16. Waival certificate from competent authority for admitting the journey fare in case of lost tickets.
  17. Bus / Taxi journeys to be supported by Tickets / Receipts and distances travelled are invariably mentioned in the claim and on the bill / Receipts obtained from Taxi operators.
  18. RMA to be claimed as per the rates notified by the respective state Government.
  19. As per 7th CPC the officers/ Staff should stay in those hotels, which are registered / Licenced .
  20. For Govt. Servants of level 8 and below a self certificate duly indicating the place of stay and duration would be sufficient to admit the accommodation charges.
  21. For claiming Road mileage for Govt servants of level 8 and below, a self certificate duly countersigned by the competent authority. The self certificate should mention the mode of transport, Auto/Taxi No, distance b/w the places covered.
  22. As per 7th CPC bills for claiming food charges are not required.
  23. Correct rates of DA as per entitlement claimed as per time spent in journey and halt.
  24. In pt. Transfer cases, in addition to above, the bills are to be support by Movement order from previous unit, joining part II order in the present unit, supporting bills for luggage and personal conveyance.
  25. Charges for transporting the conveyance on transfer are admissible ONLY if it is owned by the Government servant.
  26. An employee is also entitled for an additional fare for self for both onward and return journeys, if he has to leave his family behind due to non availability of Govt accommodation. An NAC from the competent authority should be submitted to claim the additional fare.
  27. In cases of transfer within same station No T.A. if no change of residence is involved. If there is compulsory change of residence due to transfer, T.A. for self and family, Actual cost of transportation and CTG equal to one-third of Band Pay.
  28. If any document/ticket is lost, certificate under Rule 43 of FR may be attached with the bills.

LTC Claims

  1. Claim has to be preferred in prescribed form No TR25 and all columns completed.
  2. Leave period and Basic Pay & Pay Level has to be indicated.
  3. Advance drawn is correctly reflected.
  4. Claim ha to be submitted within one month in case of advance drawn & in other cases 60 days.
  5. Time bar sanction from the competent authority if the claim could not be submitted within admissible time period.
  6. Journey has to be performed by authorized mode of transport only.
  7. For non entitled Govt servants who perform journey by Air, fare will be restricted as per entitlement.
  8. Station and Date of submission of claim has to be shown in the columns provided.

Certificates to be enclosed with LTC Claims

  1. LTC intimation prior to commencement of journey.
  2. No previous claim for the Block year should have been claimed.
  3. Family details with ages and dependency.
  4. Journey actually performed to 'HomeTown as per Service Book' / choice station.
  5. Marital status and employment certificate of spouse and dependents.
  6. Forfeiture of Onward / Return journey.
  7. Every year LTC in lieu of Family LTC.
  8. Certificates from Controlling Officer
    1. Claimant's minimum of one year service.
    2. Entry of LTC details in the Service Book.
    3. Correctness of 'Home Town as per Service Book.'
    4. Prior intimation of LTC/Waival.
  9. Part II office order notifying Leave and HTLTC/AILTC Block year along with sub block and declare Home Town and previous AILTC/HTLTC availed should be enclosed.
  10. To be restricted to two surviving children/step children born after 20/10/1998.
  11. Cannot be availed during closed holidays, without taking any EL/CL.
  12. In the case of fresh recruits, the concession can be availed each year upto first eight years of entry in service. Those who have not completed 8 years of service as on 01.09.2008 are also eligible for the concession.
  13. Claim countersigned by the controlling officer.