FAQs/Check List - Single Window cell

Bills for Withdrawal(Temp/Final) from GPF Account

  1. Application Form
  2. Contingent Bill
  3. Sanction letter by Competent authority
  4. Debit Schedule
  5. Subscription details towards GPF account
  6. GPF withdrawal details for the last five years
  7. Original CCO-9 for previous Financial Year

TADA Advance for Temporary Duty / Permanent Transfer

  1. Movement Order.
  2. Sanction letter by Competent authority (if authority not mentioned in Movement order).
  3. Requisition form containing details of expenditure (Contingent bill).
  4. Family details, if applicable (only in Permanent Transfer).
  5. Registration Certificate of vehicle being transported, if any (only in Permanent Transfer).
  6. Availability of Funds in the respective Code Head.

Cash Requisition Bill for Rum & Cigg Allowances

  1. Cash Requisition Slip bearing serial number continuity.
  2. Forwarding Copy.

Medical Advance Bill

  1. Forwarding Copy.
  2. CGHS Card of employee/ dependents.
  3. Referral letter by CGHS Polyclinic.
  4. Sanction letter by the Department in which the individual is employed.
  5. In-Patient number issued by Empanelled Hospital/ Diagnostic Centre.
  6. Approximate Expenditure Details issued by the Empanelled Hospitals / Diagnostic Centre.
  7. Account Details of Hospital / Diagnostic Centre should be available in the Vendor Master (Tulip) for Payment.

Customs Payment Bill

  1. Contingent Bill.
  2. Challan for Customs Duty published on ICEGATE Portal.
  3. Bill of Entry for respective Challan.
  4. Allotment of Fund in the Respective Code Head.

Right to Information

  1. Indian Postal Order of Rs. 10/-
  2. Application bearing Signature and Address of Applicant.

Note: - All Bills Pertaining to Withdrawal /Advance of Permanent / Temporary nature must be attested by the competent authority and should be affixed with Unit seal.