FAQs - PAO Grievance

Senior Drawing Less Pay than Junior.

Circumstances under which Senior draw less pay.

  1. Junior exercising option under VIth CPC or VIIth CPC but senior not exercised option.
  2. Senior granted ACP in Vth CPC but junior granted ACP in VIth CPC
  3. Senior granted ACP before availing regular incr of 2005, but Junior granted ACP after availing regular incr of 2005. Hence, difference in pay fixation in 01/2006.

Non adjustment of OPTCPC.

Circumstances for non adjustment.

  1. Option excercised after cut off date. The last date for exercising option was 29.10.2017.
  2. Pt II Order not published as per Amendment No 65 to Appx J.

Non adjustment of higher rate of X pay as per 7th CPC.

Circumstances for non adjustment.

  1. Non receipt of AICTGP Pt II Order from Record Office
  2. Mismatch in data available with Dolphin; requires manual intervention by EDP to rectify the technical snag.

Non adjustment of HRA.

Circumstances for non adjustment.

  1. Pt II Order not published correctly as per Appx J to Documentation Procedure JCOs/OR.
  2. Appx 'D' or Appx 'E', as applicable not enclosed with HRA Part II Orders.
  3. Class of city mentioned in Pt II Order not matching with the document enclosed with Pt II Order or reference DO II of previous grant not mentioned.

Non adjustment of Classification Pay (CLASS PAY).

Circumstances for non adjustment.

  1. Time Bar saction not received for delayed publications of more that 2 years from the date of occurrence.
  2. Incorrect publication by Record Office.
  3. UPCLAS DO II for lower class not received. Without adjusting lower class pay, higher class pay cannot be adjusted.
    for eg., Cl-I cannot be adjusted without adjusting Cl-II

CEA not adjusted.

Circumstances for non adjustment.

  1. Claiming for more than 2 children.
  2. Wrong publication of Date of Birth in CEA Pt II Orders leads to rejection by System with remarks "more than two children"
  3. CEA claiming for more than 2 classes prior to Class I.
  4. Advance publication, ie before completing the period of the claim.
  5. Incorrect publication. (Amount not mentioned in rate column, supporting documents not enclosed etc.)

Reason for recovery of CILQ due to adjustment of ELARM

Circumstances for recovery

  1. Electricity & Water Charges bills (ELARM) are received from BSO for making recovery from the IRLA of PBOR. In case the PBOR was granted CILQ during the period covered by the ELARM bills, CILQ already paid for the period to be recovered.
  2. In some cases, the PBOR already vacated Govt accommodation, but ELARM bills received from BSO even after vacation.

Non adjustment of luggage claims.

Circumstances for non adjustment.

  1. Requisite supporting documents not enclosed.
  2. Correct rule position not mentioned in the claims.
  3. Luggage shifted from Old duty station to Home town without obtaining NAC of accommodation/CILQ from new unit.
  4. In retirement cases, luggage shifted to home station more than 2 months prior to the date of discharge.