FAQs/Check List - Civilian Pay

Pay Bills

Pay bills in respect of Non Industrial employees posted in various civil units are prepared by the units and forwarded to M.O Civilian Pay groups for pre audit & payment. While processing the pay bills, the following points should be sent.

  1. Whether the copy of sanctioned PE is attached along with the Pay Bill for all the Non-Industrial employees paid in that pay bill so as to ensure the Pay Bill is drawn according to the posted vis-a-vis the sanctioned strength of IEs.
  2. Pay Bill is properly signed by the authorised officer and necessary certificates on EOL or Leave attachment etc are duly signed and attached. Names of persons on leave, Suspension and Deputation as well as of the Officiating person should be shown in the bill for admissibility of allowances.
  3. Periodical Increment Certificate is attached for the individuals who are granted increment during the month.
  4. Check for Last Pay Certificate is available in respect of an individual transferred from another establishment and that an income tax statement is furnished with the last pay certificate whenever a new employee is included in regular pay bill.
  5. Ensure recoveries from Pay Bills i.e GPF, NPS, CGEGIS, and CGHS, LF allied Charges, Income Tax, GPF loan recovery etc.
  6. Check whether the following necessary schedules are attached for all the recoveries made from the pay bill and are tallying with the pay bill figures.
    1. G.P Fund schedules in Duplicate.
    2. NPS deduction schedules in Duplicate.
    3. Life Insurance Premium schedules in Duplicate.
    4. House Building Advance Recovery Schedules in Duplicate.
    5. Recovery of LF schedules
  7. In the case of court attachments, deductions are made strictly in accordance with the rules on the subject
  8. The arithmetical calculations of the bills are correct and the details worked up to the totals which should be shown in words as well as in figures. The totals should be invariably checked by the task holder.
  9. There are no erasures and that any alterations in the totals are attested by the Authorised Officers.
  10. All recoveries/adjustments made through the monthly pay bills (excluding bills in respect of contingent charges, G.P Fund and advances for the purchase of conveyances) are posted in the Register of nonrecurring charges.
  11. Check the availability budget allotment of payment of Non Industrial Employees Wages. Incase of shortfall or no availability of funds, necessary steps for the getting the sanction for the provisional payment or funds allotment.
  12. Ensure the correct Code Head is being operated while making the payment of wages.
  13. Specimen signatures are to be verified.