Financial Advice & Internal Audit Section

eMail ID: secd-iasn-cda[at]nic[dot]in

The section assists administrative and executive authorities in improving the financial administration of the units and formations, to keep the administrative and executive authorities and CGDA informed periodically of the general state of financial management. The major areas of work dealt by the section is dealing with local test audit reports, draft paras, consolidation and editing of the quarterly report on the Major Financial and Accounting Irregularities, dealing with Annual Audit Certificate, audit including higher audit of loss statements and preparation of statement of losses for inclusion in the appropriation accounts, dealing with LAO/RAO references on audit and procedural matters.

Contact Details of Officers in FA & IA Section:
Sl.No Name of Officer(S/Shri) Designation Group EPBX Extn
1 T Rama Murthy, IDAS DCDA Group Officer 103
2 B Lakshmi Muralikrishna SAO IA Section 211
3 P Chandra Mohan AAO IA Sn 337