Disbursement Section

eMail ID: secd-dsn-cda[at]nic[dot]in

The duties of Disbursement sections ('D' Sn) is to arrange promptly for disbursement on behalf of the Defence Services and Defence Accounts Department(DAD) in the allotted spheres, safeguarding the interest of Govt. in discharging the duties it arranges for cash assignments on treasuries and the Bank in favour of disbursing officers authorised to make payment, makes payments to all bills passed by other sections by issuing Cheques/authorising NEFT payment/ECS transfers and sends duplicate cheque slips to concerned units/formations.

This section issues cheque books and allot RBI signature code to DDOs(Cash Assignment Holders).

Contact Details of Officers in Disbursement Section:
Sl.No Name of Officer Designation Group Extension
1 M Venkata Rao, IDAS ACDA Group Officer 103
2 D Srinivasa Rao SAO D Sn, SBI CMP Fast/PFMS, PRABAL & ECHS 260
3 P Kanaka Durga AAO D Sn 334