Admin Section

eMail ID: secd-ansn-cda[at]nic[dot]in

The Administration sections of CDA Secunderabad are looking after the aspects of personnel management of organisation of CDA Secunderabad and in providing healthy living and working conditions for its officers and staff and for better working conditions in the management. The duties include Management of officer buildings, DAD quarters, DAD officers guest house, providing better working conditions, personnel management issues like transfers, discipline, placements, promotions etc. The pay and allowances, medical advances and claims, temporary duty claims, Leave Travel claims etc, are taken care off by AN Pay Sn.

Contact Details of Officers in Admin Section:
Sl.No Name of Officer Designation Group Extension
1 S Vatsala, IDAS ACDA Group Officer 103
2 M V Subrahmanyam SAO AN-I, AN-II, Leagal Cell 208
3 G Gangadhara Kumar SAO AN-III, AN Estates 208
4 U Ravi Kumar AAO AN-I 315
5 P S Raghunadh AAO AN-II 320
6 G Neelakantam AAO AN-III 317