Medical Section - Main Office, CDA Secunderabad
Medical section deals with audit and passing of medical reimbursement/final claims of all officers and staff of MES/NON MES Units under the audit jurisdiction of CDA Secunderabad.

It also deals with IN-PATIENT medical reimbursement claims of all Service Personnel(both Officers & below Officers rank) when treatment has been obtained in Civil Hospital nearest to the Service Hospital(i.e. MH Secunderabad adn MH Golconda) and pathological/ clinical tests when carried out as part of In-door treatment in MH Secunderabad and MH Golconda.

Contact Details of Officers in Medical Section:-
Name of Officer
1 Premsagar Meena, IDAS DCDA Group Officer 102
2 S Vatsala SAO 244
3 AAO 403
  CDA Secunderabad 2010

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