Project Sankalan

Project Sankalan conceived by CGDA is compendium of all Codes & Manuals, Regulations etc. in one place. Below are the list of some of the Codes & Manuals and Regulations.

DAD Related Codes & Manuals
1DAD Recruitment Rules.pdf66.42 MBDownload
2Defence Audit Code Vol.I & II.pdf133.05 MBDownload
3OM Part I.pdf176.80 MBDownload
4OM Part II Vol.I.pdf335.50 MBDownload
5OM Part IV (Vol V) Audit Section.pdf186.13 MBDownload
6OM Part IV Vol.III.pdf186.14 MBDownload
7OM Part IV Vol.IV.pdf317.55 MBDownload
8OM Part V (Fund).pdf145.99 MBDownload
Army Related Codes & Manuals
1Army S C Regulations 1950.pdf 52.74 MBDownload
2DSR Army ST10.12.pdf 202.81 MBDownload
3DSR for Army Vol 2.pdf 222.95 MBDownload
4DSR for Army V-1.pdf 204.97 MBDownload
5Mechanical Vehicle Regulations for the Army 1990.pdf 97.07 MBDownload
6Mechanical Vehicle Regulatons India 1943.pdf 66.95 MBDownload
7OM Part 10 Vol 1.pdf 170.82 MBDownload
8OM Part IX.pdf 195.12 MBDownload
9Regulations for the Equipment of the Army (India) Part-2.pdf 8.27 MBDownload
10Regulations for the Equipment of the Army (India) Part-1.pdf 151.75 MBDownload
11Regulations for the Equipment of the Army (India) Part-3.pdf 27.43 MBDownload
AirForce Related Codes & Manuals
1Manual of Operation for IFAs in Air Force Vol.I.pdf 257.12 MBDownload
2IFA Air Force Manual 2008.pdf 112.99 MBDownload
3IAF Manual.pdf 257.95 MBDownload
4Equipment Regulations for the Indian Air Force.pdf 137.54 MBDownload
5DSR-Air Force.pdf 191.94 MBDownload
6Mobilization Regulations for Air Force (Provisional).pdf 48.05 MBDownload
Common Codes & Manuals
1Administrative Instruction-III Edition.pdf 82.93 MBDownload
2Auxiliary Force 1933.pdf 97.46 MBDownload
3CCS Classification Rules.doc 0.46 MBDownload
4C & AG Report No. 17.pdf 0.83 MBDownload
5CCS Conduct Rules 1964.doc 0.85 MBDownload
6CCS LTC Rules.doc 0.21 MBDownload
7Civil Accounts Manual 2002 Volume 1.pdf 239.21 MBDownload
8Civil Accounts Manual Vol 2.pdf 171.35 MBDownload
9Civil Service Regulation Vol. II.pdf 369.73 MBDownload
10Civil Service Regulations Vol II (Appendices).pdf 290.46 MBDownload
11DCAA Contract Audit Manual Vol 2 of 2.pdf 58.37 MBDownload
12DCAA Contract Audit Manual Vol.1 of 2.pdf 160.47 MBDownload
13DFP Army, Navy, Air Force.pdf 54.85 MBDownload
14DSC (FR) Part-1, Vol-II.pdf 251.81 MBDownload
15DSR (Language Regulations) 1967.pdf 15.09 MBDownload
16Field Service Regulations Vol.II.pdf 154.36 MBDownload
17FR Part II.pdf 300.82 MBDownload
18Legal System & Procedures.pdf 63.68 MBDownload
19Mangazine Reguations (Land Services) Part I, 1941.pdf 46.41 MBDownload
20Mangazine Regulations (Land Services) Part II, 1934.pdf 17.15 MBDownload
21Medical Stroe Depot Manual.pdf 119.52 MBDownload
22Manual of Rules & Oders 1953.pdf 113.09 MBDownload
23Manual of Standing Order Vol. 3.pdf 55.58 MBDownload
24MES 1968.pdf 368.11 MBDownload
25MES Local Audit Manual 1953.pdf 63.06 MBDownload
26MES Standard Rates 2004 Part II.pdf 298.04 MBDownload
27Mobilization Regulations 1966.pdf 52.60 MBDownload
28Movement Regulations War 1936.pdf 34.63 MBDownload
29Report 17 of 2008-09.pdf 0.75 MBDownload
30Report 18 of The Comptroller and Auditor General of India.pdf 2.53 MBDownload
31Travel Regulation.pdf 260.73 MBDownload
32The India Audit Manual 3 Edition.pdf 421.94 MBDownload
33Vigilance Manual Vol 2.pdf 99.51 MBDownload
34Vigilance Manual Vol. 1.pdf 117.08 MBDownload