Engineering Section

eMail ID: ao-esection-cda[at]nic[dot]in

Main Functions of E Section:

  • Advise Executive and Engineer Authorities on Financial Management aspects related to Works Contract
  • Scrutiny and Administrative approvals accorded by the CFAs (except sanctions accorded by Govt. of India) and Technical Sanctions issued by Engineer authorities
  • Scrutiny of Contract Agreements accepted by Engineer authorities which are not in the purview of AO GEs/AAO GEs.
  • Scrutiny of all Deviation Orders and amendments to Works Contracts
  • Placing of cash assignment with Executive authorities through Banks
  • Scrutiny of appropriations and re-appropriations
  • Audit and authorization of payment in respect of Final Bills in works contracts which are not delegated to AOs GE/AAOs GE.
  • Post audit of payments made by Cash assignment holders relating to works expenditure
  • Monitoring of progress of expenditure with reference to allotment through Monthly Expenditure Returns rendered by MES authorities
  • Issue of fresh cheques in lieu of lost or cancelled cheques, issued by Cash Assignment holders
  • Rendition of Audit Reports on works cases involving approval of higher authorities
  • Monitoring of adjustment of Central Purchase vouchers by Executive
  • Matters relating to Arbitration of works contract
  • S&S Imprest placement to Engineer Regiments and compilation of operational works expenditure
  • Advance on running account payments and Final bills of Married Accommodation projects
  • Safe custody of original contract agreements, bank guarantees/FDRs
Contact Details of Officers in Engineering Section:
Sl.No Name of Officer Designation Group Extension
1 Nikhil Dubey, IDAS ACDA Group Officer 261
2 P R Subba Rao SAO Engg Section 210
3 M Bhupala Reddy AAO Engg 323
4 Anantha Srinivasa Rao AAO Engg 322