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Inauguration of IT&SDC Building and Project Dolphin
Shri Nand Kishore, IDAS, CGDA inaugurated the New Office building of Information Technology & software development center and 'Project Dolphin -Online pay accounting system for PBOR' on 1st November, 2010 at PAO(ORs)AOC, Secunderabad. Project Dolphin is an effort to shift the existing COBOL based batch mode PBORs system to more current RDBMS based on-line System.

Speaking on the occasion the CGDA outlined various e-governance projects of the Defence Accounts Department i.e Project 'SUVIGYA', Project 'AASHRAYA' and Project 'SANKALAN'. All these are web enabled online automation projects. Project 'SUVIGYA' is an online pension enquiry system that would enable the Ex-Servicemen to know their entitlements at the click of a button. Project 'AASHRAYA' is pension disbursement software which would enable a pensioner to login and access his pension account. Project 'SANKALAN' would facilitate dissemination of various orders, instructions and manuals electronically.

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